Its finally here.....

An underbody halo lighting system made specifically for your

Spyder RS/GS/RT-s.

These LED kits are specifically cut to fit the front chin spoiler, center length

of frame and under each swing arm to give you the full glow. 

Two kits available with or without a 4 ch remote.  Your 4 ch remote could easily be connected to other LED’s you have or operate them separately.  The convenience of a remote allows you to turn on/off the system, vary the intensity of the LED, flash or

fade (breathe) mode (high to low, low to high intensity)

new front end “VADER” lighting for the RT/RT-S is finally here.

NEW Circuit design offers up to 50% more LED’s than previous version

This unique LED is super thin and nearly invisible because of the way they mount. 

2 piece headlight kit and 2 piece foglight kit mounts between the body panel and light housing.  The RT is unique and has very clean lines and when we set out to custom make these we knew it had to be stealth.  Combine Vader lights with another accent color down below in the tunnel intake and halo underground lighting kit for a unique look all your own.  Vader kits available in white.  Tunnel and halo kits available in many colors to choose from.

Vader foglight kit


Complete kit is offered with a choice of an on/off switch for $109.95


a Halo kit with multifunction 4 ch remote for $159.95

Vader headlight kit


Halo underground accent LED’s

Tunnel LED kit


Our latest project

2012 Viper Red Spyder RT-S

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Our all new LED American Flag is just like our original larger design but on a smaller scale.   measures just 4” tall by 6” wide this new size will fit on the side of the Spyder RS front spoiler, rear tail section of the RT or just about anywhere there is flat surface.  Complete with 50 blue stars and 13 stripes just like the original but in a compact size.  Comes with an on/off switch, primer and alcohol swab.  Waterproof and has a special foam adhesive for easy installation.

Choose from two kits below, one with a switch and one with an OEM connection for RT/RTS models only that allows you to connect it straight to your license plate harness for an easy connection.  Using this OEM feature will allow your LED flag to turn on/off with your key

Shown above on the RT-S rear fender

Now in stock.

USA Flag with with manual on/off switch. 


USA Flag with OEM connector RT only



Halo  kit with 4ch remote is currently out of stock until 7/1/12

Check back soon to see the coolest and latest from

New items for the RT, RT-S

2 piece center running and brakes dual functioning LED

Clean lines and almost invisible 3rd and 4th safety running red and brake lights installed.

No holes to drill and an easy self adhesive flexible LED strip

This new sleek 3rd running/brake light for the RT / RT-S is a great product to add in terms of rear/side visibility.  Our unique slim design LED is very thin and allows it to hide inside the groove of the top trunk lid.  The LED turns on  with your running lights and glows to a brighter intensity when brakes are applied.  The sleek design allows it for an easy no drilling install using new OEM style connectors.  simply plug into the factory harness and make the connections, there is no drilling, cutting or posi-tap needed!


3rd/4th  brake lights


New dual color TricFenderz with rear facing red LED’s

TricFenderZ latest design with dual color LED’s are here.  Available in both Amber and White color front they feature a rear facing RED LED’s towards the back. 


kit comes complete with 2 Tricfenderz LED strip, 3M wire taps and color instructions

Spyder RT-S


Now comes with new OEM style connectors for easy plug and play installation

Brakes on, all lights illuminate

Running red LED’s add additional safety and visible lighting.

new front end vader wings lighting for the RT/RT-S

This really cool LED is super thin and mounts directly on the front surface of the lower spoiler trim and wraps all the way around to the side giving it a nice smooth continuous “fast” look.  Super bright and highly visible and flexible.  The easy to connect LED’s is supplied with OEM style connector which simply plugs right in to the fender light OEM connector.

Vader headlight kit includes 2 pcs of slim design LED’s, connecting block, waterproof blue LED switch, alcohol pad and full color instructions ready for install


Foglight kit includes a pair of slim design LED’s, connecting block, waterproof blue LED switch, alcohol pad and full color instructions.


Order both as a combo and save


Vader “Wings” kit includes 2 pcs of slim forward design LED’s, OEM connectors for easy plug and play, alcohol pad and full color instructions ready for install


Tunnel LED kit

Tunnel LED accent kit is the perfect way to light the otherwise just plain black intake.  This gives it that aggressive look. 

Available in White, red, blue and amber.  Tunnel lights is the perfect compliment to your HALO underground lighting.  Have fun with your lighting projects and get creative!  Contact us for more custom LED’s not shown here.

Kit comes complete with color directions, alcohol pad, primer, connecting blocks and waterproof switch

Temporarily out of stock.  ETA 7/1/12

Temporarily out of stock.  ETA 7/1/12

Stretch out in comfort with the MadStad Foot Rests for the Can-Am Spyder RT.

They are very solid, made from 1/8” thick stainless steel and bolted into the framework of your Spyder. Two hidden supports (also 1/8” thick stainless) run down to the steel frame so that you are not just attached to plastic. No modification or drilling is necessary and they can be removed to return the bike to stock configuration.  Comes in three choice of finishes, Powder-coated black with black grip stripes, Silver, two tone silver and black.  These foot rest blend in aesthetically and provides a great way to stretch out during your ride.  Combined with the radiator block off plate and full size brake pedal and you’ve got the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Spyder RT/RT-S foot rest kit

Foot rest kit for Spyder RT

Black powder coat finish.

starting at $299

Black powder coat finish

Polished stainless Steel

Black with polished stainless steel finish

Bump Skid dual purpose skid plate and stylish front spoiler

A great dual functions bumper and skid plate all in one.  The front lower end protection with stylish look!  Sort of reminds me of the race cars with the fancy splitter spoiler that act as a downforce at high speeds.  Gives it a real nice finished look to any RT but with the benefits of protecting your spoiler and suspension from any low lying debris that comes your way.  Helps protects from expensive paint damage and avoid dangerous evasive moves to miss road debris, roadkill, tire treads, etc...

The coverage helps to eliminate air drag from the open cavity under the nose.  Added down force is also created by the spoiler styling and design.

Made from 3/8” black UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) Polyethylene, tough, slick and replaces the small thin skid plate currently on the vehicle.

It attaches to the lower flexible area for impact absorption without damaging the body. Ground clearance is kept at minimal reduction due to the thin low-profile design. 

Easy to install with all hardware and instructions included.

$159.00 + $19.50 for Priority USPS USA domestic shipping, Canada & Mexico $34.00 Priority USPS shipping, All other International countries $62.00 for Priority USPS shipping

Available and ready to ship!

$159 + USA shipping $19.50

$159 + Canada / Mexico shipping + $34.00

$159 + Int’l shipping $62.00






Lowest point on RS skid plate
Lowest point on the RT bump skid

Compliment your new TricFenderz with a new matching LED tip light.  These quality LED tips have a machined aluminum finish top and it is considerably brighter than your stock bulb.  Simply remove your old light and replace them with these.  Available in amber or bright white.

$7.95 / pair

Choose between Amber or

bright white

All New Design with double the wire thickness for durability


Super White

Super White